How to get a great look with glasses and Decoderm Makeup care!!

Before we get into the fun stuff, let’s tackle the basics first. If you’re long-sighted this means the lenses will make your eyes appear bigger. The magnification also has a knack for making any fallout from dark eye shadow or uneven eyeliner look twice as obvious but with Decoderm wet and dry eyeshadow you have nothing to worry about with its perfect adherence and zero fallout! It’s best to put the charcoal, glittery numbers on hold and make the switch to earthy shades, such as a chocolate Decoderm long lasting eye pencil eyeliner and biscuit Decoderm wet and dry eye shadow for subtle definition. On the flip side, if you’re short-sighted, the lenses are likely to make the eyes appear smaller so you need to opt for dewy, golden-based eye shadows that flirt with the light to open up the eye area.

1. Lighten up The shadows created by your frames can exaggerate the appearance of dark circles so it’s important you keep the skin around the eye area looking even and bright. Once you’ve applied your Decoderm foundation, leave the product to settle for a minute before patting a Decoderm perfect concealer across the eyelid, up to the brow bone and down to the top of the cheekbone.

2. Super long lashes have a habit of leaving smudge marks on the lenses. Use an eyelash curler to create volume instead finishing with decoderm all day volume mascara. The more kinks you have in the lashes, the fuller they look so it’s best to clamp the lashes in stages, starting at the base of the lashes before making your way to the ends.

3. Shape the brows You may think donning a pair of over-sized frames is a convenient way to hide unkempt brows but the lenses will only magnify the appearance of rogue hairs. For lasting definition, use a Decoderm definition eyebrow pencil that won’t rub off on the inside of the frames.

4. Go easy on the cheeks. Once onlookers recover from the beauty of your new specs, you want the focus to shift to the eyes and then to the mouth. When it comes to convenience Decoderm hydra blush are as subtle and easy to apply as it gets, but it’s worth going the extra step and setting the product with Decoderm invisible loose powder to stop the colour from transferring to the frames and wearing looking patchy.

6. Play up the pucker regardless of how bulky or dark your chosen frames are, the beauty of keeping your eye makeup simple is that you can afford to add a serious pop of colour to the pout without ever looking over the top. Think fire-engine-red for impact.