Hair Care Tip #13

COLOR TECHNIQUE TIP: Respecting Skin Tone
Any Makeup Artist knows that when choosing a selection of makeup for a client…before even picking up a brush or adding on liner first you have to really “see” the client and choose a color palette th
at is flattering and doesn’t take away.

 Far too often the color result doesn’t quite match the face and skin tone of the client attached to it, drawing attention to the difference, as opposed to creating something complementary and beautiful.

 As with lipstick, red can be worn by all depending on if you fall into a warm or a cool tone. A prime example is toning hair, the key to perfection is the reflection you deposited. We often follow basic rules of makeup artistry when formulating as it’s all about enhancing what is already there. Not fool proof but an easy guide to start with is:

>> For cool skin tones (pink or blue): Go with cool tones (ash, violets, red violets, etc.)
>> For warm skin tones (yellow or peach): Go with warm tones (golds, honey, coppers, russet reds etc.)