Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Tips For Your Hair

Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Tips For Your Hair

Winter is here and so is the significant drops in temperature, high winds, and even more rain. You've probably noticed the changes in the health of your hair.

The natural environment can have damaging effects on your hair, which is why it is important more than ever during winter to take precautionary measures. So rather than be faced with dry and lifeless hair, why not read on for some of our top tips to healthy hair this winter?


The difficulty with winter months is the constant shift between warm temperatures inside and and the cold outside. Changing temperatures can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to lift and moisture to leave resulting in dry and frizzy hair. Ultimately the winter months can cause dullness, breakage, and split ends.

Winter Damaged HairFrom hat hair and electricity to split ends and frizz it isn’t just the harsh effects of the cold, wind, and rain that can affect the health of your hair. In fact, indoor heating is particularly damaging with some experts even suggesting it’s as damaging as spending an entire afternoon under a hair dryer. Whilst we think this sounds a little exaggerated you get the idea.

What Can You Do?

  1. Wear a Hat – This is a very simple solution to your winter hair problems. Wearing a hat will keep your hair covered from wind, rain, and snow and thus keep split ends and dryness at bay. However, you do face the dilemma of ‘hat hair’; so perhaps keep this one for when going for a walk and straight back to the house.

  2. Deep Condition – During the winter months it is a good idea to treat your hair to a deep condition as much as once a week. Doing so will replenish moisture that has been lost from dry hair, soften fly-a-ways and fix brittle hair, creating stronger shinier hair in the process.

  3. Refrain From Washing Your Hair Daily – Unfortunately, this can often become a catch 22 for many. Having washed your hair daily for some time you are now stuck in a cycle of needing to. Whilst shampoo washes away dirt it also washes away natural oils. Instead simply rinse your hair with cold or warm water or use a dry shampoo to absorb some of the oils.

  4. Regular Trims – This is a great idea to keep your hair in good health, not just during the winter months, but all year round. Get your hair cut every six to eight weeks to help reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends.

  5. Air Dry – It is the healthiest way to dry your hair. Hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers dry out your hair. However, going outside with wet hair in the winter can cause it to freeze and break. So therefore, we’d suggest you air dry when you can or apply a leave-in condition before blow drying.

Let Us Help

If you’re experiencing the winter blues thanks to dry, dull hair why not get in touch with the team? Here at Taper's Hairdressers we have wealth of experience with replenishing unhealthy hair. Give us a call on 1300 TAPERS (1300 827377) to book in your trim or simply have a chat with our stylists.