Dibi Milano skin care range

We now carry the DIBI MILANO skin care range at our Hurstville salon. Highly

Dibi Milano Skin Care at Taper's Hairdressers

DIBI MILANO is a world made up of scientific method, personalized treatments and cutting-edge technologies that set new standards of beauty care excellence and helps women make the most of their uniqueness, obtaining real and reliable results.

As of today, beauty care innovation means being more beautiful than ever, unique as always.

DIBI MILANO is the latest frontier in cosmetic innovation, thanks to the total effectiveness of the products, the guarantee of reliable procedures, and the safety of results with a certified medical approach.


DIBI MILANO's added value is a unique and exclusive method that helps to objectively identify critical beauty issues for the face and body, and to establish a treatment strategy that guarantees fast, safe, reliable results.


The DIBI MILANO laboratories are committed every day to the preparation of cutting-edge cosmetic formulas and to the development of professional beauty equipment that is both technologically advanced and highly innovative.


The powerful synergy of the most advanced beauty technologies, the fruit of constant innovation in the cosmetics field, guarantees maximum performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, while fully respecting safety and reliability.


Thanks to selected active ingredients, transmitted through the most innovative and cutting-edge cosmeceutical formulations, all DIBI MILANO products have been developed with scientific rigour in order to guarantee extremely high functionality and maximum performance.


Functional and personalised beauty programs to work in depth against every kind of imperfection, created thanks to the expertise of our aestheticians, the only ones capable of interpreting the real needs of the skin and of applying the most correct and targeted treatments.


Working with the most accredited Dermocosmetic Research Institutes guarantees the effectiveness, safety and added value of DIBI MILANO high-performance cosmeceuticals.


Highly qualified instructors train and constantly update the beauty salon owners and staff in the proper use of methods, products and technologies through dedicated courses, both theoretical and practical, aimed at conveying a technical-scientific professional culture at the highest levels.