Any stylist will tell you that heat styling done right is meticulous work, and can take its toll on hair over time, stealing moisture and vibrancy. Fortunately, GHD combines scientific precision with outright beauty in their Eclipse® and Platinum® models, as well as the Air™ hair dryer. These great products and more are available both in Sydney and online from professional hair and beauty stockists such as Taper’s Hairdressers.

Always a good hair day

The revolutionary GHD brand took the styling world by storm in the early 2000’s, its popularity spreading entirely by word of mouth for the first 2 years since launch. Nearly fifteen years and several celebrity endorsements later, including Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow, the GHD styler is a must-have for anyone with heat styling needs. Such a powerful tool is both used and sold by the professionals at premier GHD stockists in Sydney and around the world.

Many people believe that the healthy shine and liquid flexibility of the hair shown in television and shampoo commercials is only possible through expensive hair treatments and constant maintenance by a score of hair stylists. It’s time to debunk this myth, and also the misconception that more heat gives the styler more control over the hair. Heat stylers are more affordable and effective than ever before, and with GHD, quick, effective styling doesn’t have to come at the price of excessive heat or inconsistent results.

The GHD difference

So what makes a GHD styler superior to other brands? Besides the quality craftsmanship of their styling tools, GHD has also developed cutting-edge sensory technology to help maintain a constant temperature of 185 degrees Celsius throughout. This optimal temperature for hair straightening is often inconsistent or inadequate in some stylers, while still others apply an even higher temperature in order to control thick or especially resistant hair.

The newest GHD model, the Eclipse®, uses cutting-edge heat equalising technology to deliver a consistent amount of heat to the hair. This precise balance also means the GHD styler does not need to apply as much heat to achieve results – glossy, flawless hair. And with certified retailers like Taper’s Hairdressers, it’s easier than ever to buy a GHD styler in Sydney or online.

Flawless hairstyles aren’t just for celebrities with a swarm of stylists anymore. They can also be quick, stress-free, and even healthy for your hair. GHD stylers can treat more hair at a time quickly and safely, which means you will spend less time styling your hair, and more time preparing for that important meeting, interview, or dinner.

Where to buy your GHD styler in Sydney and online

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