Standing out at an important event, convention, wedding, or performance can be difficult. When the spotlight is on, every detail is important and confidence is absolutely essential to success. Professional tape in hair extensions can keep you looking your best with a style that’s both luxurious and worry-free. Done right, these hair accessories are safe, re-usable, and blend perfectly with your natural hair.

The secret of real remy hair

Many distributors of hair extensions do not adhere strictly to the ‘remy’ definition, which means that the hair extension is consistently aligned from follicle-to-end. Extensions of the best quality are made from 100% human remy hair, which is kept in the correct alignment from the time that it is cut from the donor. Experienced stylists can confirm the proper alignment of the hair with a delicate, practiced touch to detect follicle ends. This ensures that the hair extension is evenly applied, and the hair blends in smoothly with the natural locks.

When you buy tape hair extensions online or in Sydney, it’s important to know for certain that the stockist sells only high-quality remy hair. When seeking confidence in the look and quality of your hair, this question is every bit as important as who applies the extensions for you. Fortunately, Taper’s Hairdressers, with over 40 years of combined styling experience, carries only the best hair extension products for their clients.

Caring for your remy hair extensions

Once the extensions have been applied, it’s time to show off your hair. Quality tape-in hair extensions will last up to 2-3 months, and can be re-applied with new tape. To get the most time out of your extensions, quality hair care products are a must. Real human remy hair extensions can be maintained with mild shampoos and quality conditioners. Look for the best names in hair care products such as Moroccanoil®, Alfaparf, Decoderm, GHD, THP and Dibi Milano.

To stock up on the right products for you and your hair, visit a high-quality modern salon like Taper’s Hairdressers. Consult with a professional stylist to ensure all your hair care and beauty needs are met, beyond simply buying and applying your hair extensions.

Beauty beyond tape hair extensions in Sydney

The Internet is full of hair horror-stories, but there’s no need to worry if you’re looking for hair extensions in Hurstville or Bardwell Park. At Taper’s Hairdressers, experienced stylists can help you choose the right extensions and colors for you, and apply a half or full head of extensions quickly and professionally.

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding or big interview, or just looking to maintain your best hair style, rely on the experience and skill of professionals who only use the best quality products. Revitalise with a soothing massage or keratin treatment, or enjoy unforgettable bridal make-up and hairdressing services. No matter what style you want or where you’re going, Taper’s Hairdressers in Sydney can help you look and feel your best so you can walk down the aisle, onto the stage, or into the hot-seat with confidence.