Advangen is Japans number one brand in hair loss products and is fast becoming an extremely popular hair care and beauty product brand in Australia. Taper's Hairdressers now sell the complete range of Advangen hair loss products via our online shop. You can buy these products any time, 24/7 and at a 10% discount, when you biuy online.

Products include the Jo-Ju range of shampoos, conditioning treatments and lotions and the Lexilis Lotion fir men



Advangen subjects all of its products to the same rigorous safety testing ordinarily reserved for human medicines. This testing is conducted both in the laboratory and in human clinical trials before any products are sold. In addition, more than 500,000 bottles of scalp lotion has been sold in Japan since 2008 with no reported adverse effects.



In 1994 scientists at the University of California discovered that a protein called FGF-5 triggers hair to transition from anagen to catagen and then to telogen phase and fall out. Simply put, if you have lots of FGF-5 around the hair follicles, you'll have a short growth phase and more hair will fall out. Chances are we all have increased amounts of FGF-5 as we age, get exposed to environmental pollution and stress. These factors contribute to the accumulation of FGF-5 and to increased hair loss.  


The first sign that the products are working will be improved strength and condition of the hair, especially if you are using the shampoo. Secondly, less hair falls out during brushing and washing. Finally, smaller and finer hairs should start growing. After 6 months the hair should be thicker and stronger.

Advangen products offered at Taper’s Hairdressers can be found in store and online. Our in-store salon services actually use Advangen for those clients who use the products at home.

If you do not live near the salon, or are just looking to buy Advangen products online, Taper’s Hairdressers carries a large variety of Advangen hair loss products.

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