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Decoderm 16H Aqua Foundation 03

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Foundation with distinctive treatment properties: it guarantees 16 hours of impeccable hold* and continuous moisture for 24 hours**. The light and fresh texture perfectly adapts to the face, ensuring maximum application comfort and a natural and radiant finish.

* In vivo tests by Farcoderm on product** Tests by Sederma on Moist 24.

Enriched with the innovative ingredient Moist 24, an exclusive complex that helps cells maintain water balance for intense and long-lasting skin moisture. It contains the cutting-edge filmogenics and polymers for an impeccable hold and a natural protective filter for enhanced protection against UV rays.

Even and radiant complexion, moisturized, protected and imperfection-free skin for the whole day. Moisture: +20% in 24 hours*. Hold: impeccable for up to 16 hours**.

* In vivo tests by Farcoderm on product** Tests by Sederma on Moist 24.

Available in 4 different shades. The high concentration of pigments ensures maximum color accuracy in the appearance and on the skin and adaptable coverage.

After applying the most suitable primer for your skin type, apply the foundation with a sponge, blending from the centre outwards. Ensure application is even in all areas, paying particular attention to the hairline, sides of the nose, eye and lips contours and the area from the face to the neck.