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Decoderm 3D Magnificent Gloss 02

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Voluptuous lip gloss with a creamy and enveloping texture.Sparkling and mischievous shades that dress the lips with crystalbeauty. Formula with distinct treatment properties to ensureintense moisture and an immediate volume effect. The exclusiveapplicator ensures maximum application comfort and enhances thesurprising 3D effect.

Enriched with Volulip, an innovative complex that carries out avolumising and moisturising action, stimulating Hyaluronic Acidsynthesis.

Moisture: + 50.6%*.
Volume: +15.1*.

4 mischievous shades with an intense and radiant color to dressthe lips in 3D shine.

Apply directly to the lips using the special applicator movingfrom the centre to the contour. Ideal both on its own or afterlipstick application for lips with increased sensuality andradiance.

* In vivo tests by Sederma on Volulip.