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Decoderm Diva DD Cream SPF 20 & Diamond Conclear #01

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A truly extraordinary multi-functional duo product that offers


  1. Anti-age action
  2. Antioxidant action
  3. Moisturizing action
  4. Brightening action
  5. Evening action
  6. UV protection with SPF 20
  7. Fragrance free
  8. “Free from” formula:no parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, tea
  9. Suitable for sensitive and... “thin” skin
  10. With concealer


A very high-performing multi-functional duo product. The light, silky texture enriched with mineral pigments and diamond powder, blends with the complexion, perfecting it and giving it extreme radiance. For a nude effect and glowing, radiant skin, just like a Diva. And for areas requiring more coverage, a compact cream concealer with a natural, non-shiny finish. At the same time, the creamy, powdery texture blends quickly, guaranteeing excellent coverage without creating thickness.


DD Cream contains:

  • Myrtle Extract, with a youth action
  • Vitamin E, with an anti-oxidant action
  • Shea Butter and a moisturizing sugar agent, with a moisturizing action
  • SkinDiamond, with a brightening, uniforming action
  • SPF 20 to protect against UV rays

The concealer is enriched with:

  • Shea Butter and Vitamin E with an emollient, anti-oxidant action
  • Soft Focus particles to help hide imperfections thanks also to light refraction.


Apply the concealer to dark circles and small imperfections. Then apply DD Cream to the face, carefully blending towards the temples and neck. It can be used on its own or, if required, after the usual treatment cream. If necessary, finish by dabbing a layer of Invisible Loose Powder.

Size: 50 ml + 1.8 ml