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Decoderm Diamond Radiant Primer

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Primer with a soft and velvety consistency, a must prior to make-up application. It awakens the natural radiance of the face and minimizes imperfections and dyschromia. Light and velvety liquid that prepares the skin for make-up, evens the complexion and eases make-up application, prolonging its duration.

Enriched with diamond powder, an essence of radiance, with photo-reflecting properties to brighten the complexion, ease facial lines and visibly reduce wrinkles and dyschromia.

Minimized imperfections and dyschromia, radiant and even complexion, impeccable make-up for hours.

A single shade of delicate lilac adapted to all skin types and complexions, enhancing radiance. Especially recommended for dull and asphyctic skin types.

After the usual daily skincare treatment, pick up a small amount of the product and apply evenly to the face, massaging until it is completely absorbed.