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Dibi Milano Draining Modelling Gel Mask 500g


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Professional mask with a shimmering gel texture. Enriched with specific active ingredients to fight the stagnation of interstitial liquids for a draining action

Treated areas are smoother and sensations of “puffiness” and heaviness improved.

Gel with a light “water like” effect

Apply DRAINING MODELING* GEL MASK to the treatment area and leave in place for 15 minutes, or in combination with LINFO ENERGY for 15 minutes with the Detoxifying Program or for 30 minutes with the Microcirculation Program. At the end of the application time, thoroughly remove the product with cleansing gloves dampened with hot water or have the client take a shower.


Prevention – Cellular Capital

PHOSPATIDYLCHOLINE: Is one of the most important components of biological membranes, regulating their fluidity and permeability.

CAFFEINE: Effective against cellulite with a draining action, encouraging the elimination of stagnating water. 

SIZE: 500g