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Dibi Milano Instant Lift Serum 30ml

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Instant* lifting effect facial serum with an extraordinary texture. Gives the face a relaxed, redefined and refreshed sensation. Tiny lines are softened and shadows and wrinkles are visibly smoothed.


Instant results: a cosmetic action that refreshes and smoothes the contours of the face, visibly reduces expression lines and gives the face a relaxed look. Results over time: a cosmetic action that gives back new compactness to the face. Wrinkles appear relaxed for a younger look, smoother and less weathered. Skin appears compact, soft and elastic.

Apply morning and evening before your usual treatment to a perfectly cleansed face, neck and neckline following techniques of application created to maximize the efficacy.

For deeply lined skin particularly naso labial lines and crows feet.

SIZE: 30ml