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Evolis Reverse Activator 50ml



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REVERSE Activator

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BRING BACK YOUR BEST HAIR.  évolis® REVERSE Activator targets those suffering from thinning hair, aging hair and aggressive hair fall. Proprietary blend of natural actives and antioxidants accelerates hair growth and decreases hair fall. Formulated with keratin and wheat protein to strengthen and fortify each strand. Use twice a day on damp or dry hair to achieve thicker, fuller, stronger hair.


    • 95% of participants noticed an increase in hair thickness within 90 days of use+
    • 97% of users saw less hair on their brush or in left the shower after 120 days of use+
    • Creates instant volume at the roots
    • Weightless formula delivers product where needed leaving no residue
    • Self-dosing pipette is easy to use and delivers maximum lengthening benefits
    • One bottle provides 6 to 8 weeks supply when used twice a day


    Developed by hair biologists and recommended by hair stylists.  Formulated without parabens, sulfates, silicones and phthalates. Colour Safe, Keratin Treatment Safe and Extension Safe. All évolis®  Professional products are 100% cruelty free.  In a consumer experience study 9 out of 10 preferred the évolis®  system to their current hair care regimen+.

    About hair biology

    The évolis Professional products were developed by scientists focused on hair biology, specifically how  FGF5 protein impacts the hair. Researchers concluded an over abundance of FGF5 can negatively impact hair turning healthy hair into thin lifeless strands and some cases causing hair loss.  By blocking FGF5 we can reverse the negative effects and completely restore hair density, promote new growth and preserve existing hair strands. évolis®  Professional product formulations are based on these learnings and are designed to give you YOUR BEST HAIR.


    +In a 2017 Consumer Usage Study of 79 users over 120 days conducted by Colour Collective, Dallas, TX