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Decoderm Hydra Blush 03

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Compact powder blush enclosing cutting-edge technology to ensure comfort and moisture. With an ultra-sensorial texture and immediate blendability, it gives radiance to the face and enhances features.

Hyaluronic Acid micro-spheres encapsulated within the powder ensure comfort and moisture whilst very fine Soft Focus powder minimizes imperfections and diffuses light.

Moisturized skin, sculpted facial features and a natural and radiant finish.

Available in 3 different shades with a high pigment concentration to ensure maximum color accuracy in the appearance and on the skin and adaptable coverage.

Pick up the product with the Blush Brush and blend onto the cheeks with delicate circular movements, for a bonne minne effect. Instead, if you want to sculpt the cheekbones, use the Slanted Blush Brush. If necessary, repeat the action several times until the desired result is achieved.