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Decoderm Hydra Mat Compact Foundation 02

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Compact foundation enclosing cutting-edge technology to ensure a moisturizing action and guarantee maximum application comfort. The compact texture, which combines the ultra-sensorial pleasure of a cream foundation with the satiny perfection of an imperceptible powder, blends onto the skin and evens the complexion, ensuring an incredibly natural powder finish.

Hyaluronic Acid micro-spheres encapsulated within the powder ensure comfort and moisture. They help preserve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and expression lines. Formula enriched with very fine Soft Focus powder to minimize imperfections and diffuse light, whilst micronized talc ensures a powder result, matifying the skin. It contains a protective natural filter for enhanced protection.

Moisturized and protected skin, even complexion and a radiant matt powder finish.

Available in 4 different shades with adaptable coverage for an incredibly natural powder effect.

After applying the most suitable primer for your skin type, apply the foundation with the special sponge or with the Refining Brush, depending on the desired result. Ensure application is even in all areas, paying particular attention to the hairline, sides of the nose, eye and lips contours and the area from the face to the neck.