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Decoderm Long Lasting Eye Pencil 02

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Eye pencil with a soft and delicate texture to accurately outline the eye contour, giving intensity to the look. Exclusive formula that is easy to apply thanks to a high concentration of pigments that design an intense, elegant and long-lasting line.

Pencil with a base of vegetable oils recognized for their moisturizing and emollient properties.

Application ease for a professional result: immediate color release, application comfort and long-lasting.

2 delicate shades that adapt to all eyebrows and all make-up needs. The high concentration of pigments ensures a perfect application from the very first use.

To effectively outline the profile of the eye, lift the eyelid by raising the eyebrow arch with a finger. For a natural look, draw a thin line along the lash line. For a more intense and sensual look, intensify the line in the outside corners of the eye.